25 Nov 2011 - BANGKOK'S FASTEST MOVING DARTER - The rally point to meet the lovely Miss Ya for this photo shoot was The New Cowboy Bar & Restaurant. Ya is a waitress in the New Cowboy so this was the logical place to meet plus they have some of the best Tiger draught beer pints anywhere in town. The accompanying photo gallery of Ya speaks for itself and I'll tell you a bit about the bar here.

The New Cowboy Bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 22 about 500 meters in from the Sukhumvit / Soi 22 intersection. Easy enough to find after you pass the Queen's Park Hotel - it's a bit further down on the right. The bar gets it's name from the infamous character Cowboy for whom Soi Cowboy is named from the bars he started there. Cowboy also started the first bar in Washington Square and his last venture was the New Cowboy. The current owner bought the bar from Cowboy and it's remained much the same. Although totally renovated a few years back - they kept the original design and all the memorabilia and photographs on the walls which include some of Cowboy as well as darts great Phil Taylor when he visited the bar.

Although the bar gets its fair share of tourists it's also a popular neighborhood pub with the local expats and Thais. Their food is reasonably priced and the bar is not only one of the longest in town - it's well stocked too. Beer and booze prices are better than other bars in the area and as already mentioned - you won't find a better place for Tiger draught. Happy Hour is from 2 - 7:30 PM with Tiger pints for 90 baht and 110 baht at regular price. They have a smoking area just out the front door. NOTE - Technically - smoking in bars is not permitted but if I "forget" to mention any bar's "outside smoking area" - hmm - could be for a reason.

New Cowboy has a good darts throw and you can always find a game here - if not with other patrons - with the girls that work here. Don't expect a clown around game just to kill time either. Most of these gals throw well and if Miss Wai considers you a good enough player and plays her best game - you may find yourself "lucky" to take even one game. The bar is managed by the affable Miss Tia who is also no stranger darts.

The New Cowboy Bar has their own website - CLICK HERE - if you want to check it out. I recommend the New Cowboy Bar to anyone visiting Bangkok or those who live here and have not yet discovered it. But most especially to any darts players - this is most definitely a darts venue in Bangkok not to be missed. Now back to Miss Ya - to go directly to her photo gallery - click the below link. And by the way - Ya really is a darts player and motorcycle rider - the darts and motorcycle in these photos are hers.

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