It's my pleasure to present to you this year's "Santa's Sexy Darts Helper" the lovely Miss Nit.  Goes without saying that Nit is really photogenic and she's always ready for photo opportunities. Miss Nit is a waitress at the Moonshine Pub and I would like to mention a special thanks to Wassana for allowing Nit a to pop over to the Emporium Shopping Complex for these photos at their Christmas display.

The Moonshine Pub is located in Queen's Park Plaza on Soi 22 and is easy enough to locate - just look for their sign - photo right. They have a well stocked bar and kitchen with a generous menu - one pool table and two dart boards. Noteworthy to me is that they have two flavors of draught beer - Heineken and Carlsberg - one of my favorites in Thailand. And the price of a frosted pint of draught is as low as any to be found anywhere in Bangkok.

Along with all Miss Nit's full sized photos on her gallery (link below) is her "Naught & Nice List" for Santa. As mentioned there - anyone on the "naughty" list may appeal that rating for a possible upgrade to "nice". This can by done in person - just stop in Moonshine and see Miss Nit. Appeal Fee is one drink for Miss Nit and all additional drinks for naughty offences to be determined by Miss Nit.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming New Year. - -  Johnny

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