In addition to playing darts - I also enjoy darts photography and cartooning. From this page you can find my reports of occasions at different darts bars as well as updates to my dart cartoons gallery. Entries on this page with a journal page describing a bar or venue have a blue "JOURNAL ENTRY" button - just click that button to go to the accompanying journal page. To open any photo gallery simply click on the big red button.

SANTA'S SEXY DARTS HELPER  - The lovely Miss Nit shot at Bangkok's Emporium Shopping Complex Christmas display. Also a bit about Moonshine Pub in this 
ELEPHANT DARTS - 2008's big match - Omsin vs. Paul Seigel "Dartoid". Photos of the event in the gallery - the journal entry has elephant match info - PLUS 2 VIDEOS. 

DARTS CARTOONS - This gallery will be updated as I have time but more so when I'm lucky enough to come by some darts humor applicable for a cartoon. Currently six cartoons.

BANGKOK'S FASTEST MOVING DARTER - Photos of the lovely Miss Ya as she gets from one darts venue to another on her motorcycle around New Cowboy Bar.
UPDATE   - This is the initial launch of Darts on JJJ. This section will continue to expand as time goes on. Darts report from Bangkok and throughout Thailand and beyond - articles with a unique perspective unlike those to be found in other darts publications.

I will be joined here by the renowned darts writer Jayke of "Jayke's Take" from our former darts web project. This new endeavor will be "less serious" which Jayke feels has a broader appeal to the majority of darts players. We plan on getting out a January Newsletter but I wouldn't bet the farm or even a half pint of draught beer on that happening on time. However this section will grow as we develop it in the future.

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