Johnny's Jazz Joint links page is no comprehensive list of recommendations for travelers but places I personally enjoy and frequent. Also listed are some friends with websites that are well worth a look.


 Silver Dollar Bar & Restaurant  - located in Washington Square - Sukhumvit Soi 22. This is my favorite Bangkok bar - been going there for over ten years. Draught beer, lovely ladies, darts and pool and some of the best food you'll find anywhere in Bangkok specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine. Ask for long time regular and pub favorite Ned or newer regular David if you're looking for a good game of darts or pool. They claim to organize the bar's darts and pool league teams although anyone of the girls will tell you that neither one of them is capable of organizing anything. Find the Silver Dollar Bar on FaceBook @ SilverDollar BarBangkok

 Corner Bar  - located in Queen's Park Plaza - Sukhumvit Soi 22. My home bar when I was playing in the Bangkok darts leagues. New owner Angus is keeping up the tradition of the most popular bar in the plaza with affordable prices and an attractive, friendly staff. If you can't win a game of darts or pool anywhere else in town be sure to stop in and ask for Angus but skilled darter Miss Pat (photo right) is far easier on the eyes. Find Corner Bar on FaceBook @ Corner Bar Bangkok, Thailand

 Aloha Bar  - located on Sukhumvit Soi 22. This cozy little pub is undoubtedly one of the best on the soi. The lovely Miss Charinee or any of her pretty ladies are always up for a game of darts and a victory on the Aloha board is not an easy one with these gals. They also have the most extensive video music CDs found anywhere in town. Check out more about this bar on their website - CLICK HERE

 New Cowboy Bar & Restaurant  - located on Sukhumvit Soi 22. A friendly local pub that open early and about the best pint of draught Tiger Beer in town. If you're looking for a friendly neighborhood pub that attracts Thais ands well as expats - this is the place. Also another place where you can always find a darts game. Swedish Erik is back in town and now offering tours to the roof to view the northern lights which are easily seen from Bangkok after enough drinking with Erik. Check out more about this bar on their website - CLICK HERE
 Mekhong Kurt's Weblog  - Kurt's "The Rounds" updates will keep you up with all the local neighborhood news. People, places and anything else going on in Washington Square and the Soi 22 area. Check out more of what Kurt has to say on his weblog - CLICK HERE


Darts Around The World  - great site with something new (or at least new to me) I-pod interviews that you can listen to from their website. Creative group of guys and always something new and interesting to be found on their website. To check out their website  CLICK HERE

 Dartoid's World  -  Paul Seigel aka Dartoid does more around the world to promote darts just out of his love of the game than anyone else I know. His unique viewpoints are always a great  read with regular updates found on his website. To check out his website CLICK HERE

 Rob "The Dragon" Heckman  - Rob has been doing more for connecting Asia with the States and beyond in the name of darts than anyone I know and is always on the road either winning competitions or promoting darts. To check out his website CLICK HERE

 Scotty Burnett  - met Scotty a few years ago in A-Z Darts shop - with no warm up he threw the darts I was about to buy hitting 180s after only a few throws. Scotty's a major ranked player on the scene. Look forward to tipping a few beers with him next time in CA. To check out his website  CLICK HERE

 Chris White  - Met Chris on skype talking to Rob Heckman between matches & winning some major tournament in Shanghai. Look forward getting some tips from Chris not only as darts pro but as a bass pro - seen some of his trophy catches on his FB . To check out his website CLICK HERE  - I know it's one of the biggest mail order darts companies in the world but I always enjoy a trip to their showroom whenever visiting CA. Owner John Baxter and crew some great folks. To check out his website CLICK HERE


 World News TSBN  - Roundup of Headlines, video and news stories from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. All the News in one place.  CLICK HERE