Bangkok "City Of Angels" and although I lived here for over ten years I never met one of the angels - maybe I was just hanging out in the wrong parts of town. I first visited Bangkok nearly twenty years ago and what most impressed me then was all the ultra modern new standing next to the old and traditional. Today the old and traditional is all but gone other than monuments and temples. Sadly no area with traditional buildings has been left for preservation. And those few remaining like the photo upper left - in Chinatown - probably have their days numbered obvious by their ill state of repair.

The current Bangkok skyline would be a surprise to most remembering the city from way back and even to those that haven't been here for a few years. Construction sky cranes pop up everywhere soon to be followed by the newest high rise buildings. Above center photo is Asok Road coming into Sukhumvit Road  photographed from the skywalk crossing over the intersection.

Standing at the edge of the Asok BTS or skytrain station photo left is a train headed toward Nana Station seen in the distance. Photo center is the boarding platform of Asok Station. Photo right you're looking at Asok Station in the distance with a skytrain on top and the skywalk below and above Sukhumvit Road.
Breaking down my Bangkok photo files - I'll start with is the Chao Phraya River. Not of the current flood stage but of normal times when the river serves as not only the quickest and cheapest way to get from point A to point B - but also the most pleasant and scenic. Click on the link below for this photo gallery.

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