On this page is my directory of journal entries - newest on top with previous in descending order. All entries on this page will correspond to a photo gallery with many more full size pics. To open any journal entry page simply click on the big red button. I'll attempt to name all landmarks, describe places and mention people when applicable. The red "Zoom In" button found on JJJ  is a link button to a map & satellite image of the exact spot and area of where the photo was shot or place mentioned - just click on the button. Use the plus / minus on the upper left to zoom in or out and the map, satellite, hybrid buttons upper right for the desired image. Example is where I'm now typing this in my apartment.

BURIRAM - city and also in a province of same name about 41O kilometers from Bangkok. One of the largest and most populated provinces in Isan. (Uploaded 18 Oct 2011)

BANGKOK  - A bit about where I called home for more than ten years and a mix of some random photos I've shot over the years. (Uploaded 18 Oct 2011)