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Classic Beer Adverts – by Johnny

Welcome to my newest update. No commentary is needed for the beer adverts. But I’ll introduce this report with some unknown facts about Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer of Wilkes-Barre, PA. My own hometown, Ashley...


Headed Up To Constanza – by Johnny

Saludos from Constanza on this, my newest update. This trip is from some years ago visiting my brother Gary in the Dominican Republic. I was most impressed with the diversity of the DR. Constanza...


Dad & Me Angkor Wat – by Johnny

Welcome to my newest update Dad & Me in Angkor Wat. Over the years, I’ve published bits and parts but now finally have the full story in one place. The centerpiece of this update...


Missin’ Bass Fishin’ -by Johnny

Welcome to my newest update – Missin’ Bass Fishin’. After my previous report, I was reminded of how much I really do miss bass fishing. Fresh water fishing in Thailand is mostly large carp...

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