Headed Up To Constanza – by Johnny

Saludos from Constanza on this, my newest update. This trip is from some years ago visiting my brother Gary in the Dominican Republic. I was most impressed with the diversity of the DR.

Constanza is located at a height of 1220 meters (4000 ft) above sea level in the middle of the Cordillera Central. The Cordillera Central is the highest mountain range in the Dominican Republic and in all of the Caribbean, running through the heart of the island of Hispaniola. Constanza is known for being the coldest city in the Dominican Republic and the entire Caribbean.

Pico Duarte is the highest mountain in the Dominican Republic at a height of 3,098 meters (10,164 ft) and also the highest peak in the Caribbean. Not nearly in competition with the world’s highest elevations but here are some comparisons you may know. Donner Pass is at a height of 2,100 meters (7,056-ft) a mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains at I-80 traveling to Reno, Nevada. The highest peak in mainland North America east of the Mississippi River is Mount Mitchell in North Carolina – elevation 2,037 meters (6,684 ft.) Thailand’s highest peak is Mount Inthanon, southwest of Chiang Mai. Its elevation is 2,585 meters (8,481 ft.)

Constanza is nestled in the most fertile valley in the Caribbean, the breadbasket of the country. It’s known for growing a variety of vegetables and fruits even strawberries. This area also produces most the country’s tropical flowers. And of course, from two of the major food groups – excellent rum & cigars.

In the photo gallery, a few pics of my all time favorite vehicle – the 1941 WWII era Willys Jeep. Once I saw another one in Pattaya but it’s not like they’re commonly spotted anywhere. Hands down, the work horse in the DR is the Daihatsu truck, that would be lorry for any of you from the UK. The pic of a little red 4WD is a Suzuki Samurai. Had one of these when I lived on Thailand’s second largest island – Koh Samui. Lots of fun to drive, also my first reverse drive vehicle.

The dark blue Chevy Avalanche is Gary’s truck. Will have a lot more on this in an upcoming article of our long trek across the Cordillera Central Mountain Range. The truck is seen parked in front a great restaurant. Great variety of vegetables depending on what was in season. Super fresh as you’d expect in Constanza.

Great stay in this scenic mountainous town but not one I’d like to visit in the winter season. Would be cold for sure and they do occasionally get some snow. Until my next update take care & stay well. – Johnny

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