Classic Beer Adverts – by Johnny

Welcome to my newest update. No commentary is needed for the beer adverts. But I’ll introduce this report with some unknown facts about Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer of Wilkes-Barre, PA. My own hometown, Ashley is only a few miles from the original Stegmaier brewery.

Wondering what the strange shaped beer can is all about – it’s a cone-top can. These were the first style beer can which evolved into the flat-top can opened with a can punch opener. Eventually became the pull ring can and finally to our current style cans.

The Stegmaier Gold Medal Band. How many other community bands are named for the locally brewed beer? The band was run by retired army band musicians Jake Sauer and Ross Tarantino. Was only able to find this additional information via an internet search. John “Jake” Sauer, a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer, is a veteran of WW I and II. He was also the leader of the 109th Field Artillery Band and the Stegmaier Gold Medal Band, which is now the Wyoming Valley Concert Band.

I played in the Stegmaier Band along with long time friend, Tim Ross. We both went on to join the army and were assigned to the 19th Army Band, Fort Dix, NJ. The Stegmaier Band uniform was dark green blazer, black trousers and shoes, white shirt and black tie. Wasn’t till I was later in the 19th Army Band and we were in the same parade with the Stegmaier Band, that I realized that their blazer was an army dress greens jacket. They wore no patches or medals, only a Stegmaier name tag.

I can still hear the Stegmaier jingle “Ring a ding ding do the Stegmaier thing anytime at all” and in the summer season – “Ring a ding ding do the Stegmaier thing in the summertime.” It was constantly played on all the local AM radio stations, which was a mainstay back in those days. Ah, the fond memories traveling along hearing ‘Ring a Ding Ding’ in Mom & Dad’s first new car – a 1963 American Motors black Rambler station wagon.

I hope you find these classic old beer adverts as amusing as I have. Schlitz Beer seemed to do the best at creativity back in their time. Imagine today, Rainier Beer doing an advert about how healthy a tonic their beer is and beneficial to both the old and very young!

Until my next update, enjoy a cold beer & stay well. – – Johnny

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