Buriram Buddha by Johnny

Welcome to my newest JJJ update – Buriram Buddha. Sorry for the poor writing on my previous report. I have been here, in my wonderful Bangkok apartment since the start of this website. All these non-darts pics and cartoons are mine, but from earlier times & travels. Hmm, best pour meself another scotch & water just to insure to communicate legible English . . . !

Buddhist Temples are everywhere in Thailand, no surprise as 95% of Thais are Buddhist. These temples are of photo interest, yes of course. But after being here a “few” years, the newness wears off. I photographed (film camera) every temple and Buddha statue I saw on my first visit to the “Land of Smiles” back in 1993. Ah, the photographer enthusiasm of a first-time visitor. Sadly, lost most of my earlier photos, my bad, with no back-up.

I always remind myself to look through the lens of my camera as if I just first arrived. Sometimes I actually remember. I’m now 67-years-old and have lived more than half my life in Asia. Between army service in South Korea, living & working in Seoul after army retirement, then living & traveling throughout Thailand and many destinations in South-East Asia traveling. Life is good !

This report’s photo gallery from a few years ago, begins at the big Buddha statue in Khao Kradong Forest Park. The statue sits atop an extinct volcano. There are two ways to get up to the statue – climb up the 297 stairs or drive to the top of mountain. It’s said that ascending using the stairs earns you Buddhist merit. In case you’re wondering – no, I did not receive any Buddhist merit.

Next are pics of the King Rama I Monument roundabout. A major landmark in Buriram, more-so for some than others. I was a guest of good friends Jayke and his wife Pookie. Now, Pookie’s method of driving was efficient from point A to point B. Jake’s method was being hopelessly lost after departing point A. Not a problem as we just kept stopping for a cold beer until eventually spotting the King Rama I Monument and he could navigate his way back home.

Next pics are from Buriram City Centre – Wat Klang Phra Aram Luang & the Pilar Shrine Of Buriram. (Wat means temple in Thai) A few pics here show how I am able to get great graphics from the walls of temples & shrines.

The final temple pics show just how colorful they can be especially contrasted by a beautiful blue sky. Name of this temple – hmm, contact Jayke. Hope you have enjoyed seeing more of my non-darts photos. Look forward to my next update. – Stay Well – Johnny

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